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About My Products:
All of my Homemade Products are made with Organic and Natural Ingredients!
I begain my search for healthy products for myself and family.  From this my heart found joy and passion for only the best I can provide.  I love to research and try new things. I believe in Health from the outside in.  What you put on and in your body matters! Your skin is your Largest Organ. 
All our animals are Family and I personally care for and milk each of our goats.  They are NEVER given soy or any antibiotics or hormones.  As we personally are drinking their sweet, creamy, raw milk and eatting the yummy cheeses, and enjoying the great soaps-I'm doing this wonderful hard work for my family.
Please enjoy the Web site and look through all the pages.  New fun stuff is being added Monthly. Web site is under construction. 

I have found so many great sources for information the list is endless but here are a few: 
Weston A Price
Nurishing Traditions
Body Ecology
Natural Goat Care
Country Living
The Whole Soy Story
Jordan Ruenben
Wild Fermentation
Truely Fermented
Home Grown. org
And so many more.............

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