Homemade Goat Milk Soaps and Cheese
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    Spring- time of newness and birth.  We have been so blessed to have 7 little does and 2 bucks.  Please enjoy the pictures!
This cold bitter morning we went out to care of our Goats to find a beautiful little suprise.  Carmel had kidded way earlier than I had estimated she became pregnant.  She is such a good mom.  By the time we got there she was dry, walking, and had already eatten from her mom.  He picture is posted under "My Goats"  She is a very pretty little girl.  
Well it is definatly getting colder- a lot colder!
So the milk production is slowing down and we are down to milking once a day.  It gets hard on the windy cold mornings to get out and milk.  The wind cuts right down your jacket.  But every morning when I get out there I love to see my Does and Yearlings and spend some time with them.  I enjoy the peace of milking in the early morning.  The quite other than the animals which is wonderful.  Winter is hard on me sometimes because I get into the cold weather and desire to cook and nest and our eggs and milk are less.  So this is when I kick soap making, canning, dehydrating, and toher winter things in high gear....
For everything there is a season.....  There is something to enjoy in each of them.  But there is no doubt my favorite is Spring! 
Welcome to my Web Page.  Please feel free to look around.  I hope my site is a place you enjoy.  I am new to this and working on it continually.  This is harder for me than Making Soaps, Cheeses, Breads, and Lacto Fermented Foods.  This is defiantly not my strong point but I am enjoying it and I love learning.  I welcome any suggestions and infomation.  Thanks for looking around and I 
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    A little about Jenny and my Soaps:

    I love to learn and make things!  Some of my favorites are: Kombucha, Kefir, Soaps, Cheeses, Lacto- Fermented Veggies, Lacto- Fermented Drinks, Jellies, and Soaked Breads and Baked Goods.
    Eatting healthy sould truly be good for you and taste great at the same time. put on I make soaps because why worry about what you put into you through nutrition if what you you is bad?  My Soaps are good for you.  I've had a customer whose baby accidentally  ate a large portion of a bar of soap and was glad to be able to tell her to watch him but not to worry to much because they are made with healthy organic oils, natural ingredants and no colors, chemicals, or dyes.  NOT that I am suggesting eatting my soap but my point is when you have things that are made to be healthy and good for you and the environment there is less worry!


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