Homemade Goat Milk Soaps and Cheese

What is Lacto-Fermentation?

Cultured or Fermented are words that are both used!  And in general are interchangeable terms.  The difference is Fermentation usually involves the pre-digestion of changing of high carbohydrate foods. Culturing is when humans specifically use, experiance and implement  the fermentation process to produce and preserve foods. 
Fermented Foods are created when starch and carbohydrates in foods are broken down and changed by microorganisms like bacteria, yeasts, and molds into smaller more digestable and probiotic, vitamin rich components.
Fermentation is a economical and simple way to perserve food and remove the anti nutrients that reduce the nutrition of the food.  They make foods healthier and safer to eat  without refrigeration, electricty or special equipment and or supplies.
Fermented foods: Are instrumental in health and maintaining a healthy body!
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