Homemade Goat Milk Soaps and Cheese


Utopia.  My husband often jokes that our little farm is a Utopia as all the animals get along with the occasional brotherly spat!  The chickens often ride the backs of the goats and often you can find the Does, Kids, Dog, Cats and Chickens all sleeping together huddled one on top of the other with various animal species heads sticking out. LOL

First Little Doe of 2011

Our First Kid of the 2011 Season.  
This little Doe was born on the Coldest and Stormiest day of this winter.  

Momma's Love

Smore is cleaning here beautiful Babie's after birth.  We watch but do not interupt unless nessesary for the goats health.  It is such a blessing to be able to watch the mircle of birth.

Play Time

Play time!  Goats love to Jump and Play.  We love to watch.  That is our guard dog Scout.  She is a very loving and watchful Nanny.

Bottle Time

Our Daughter helping with the Chores.  She is getting ready to bottle feed the Kids.  We do this to train them to be more gentle so we can enjoy them and have a close realtionship with them. They are happy to see us and if a bottle is not quickly produced fingers will do!

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