Homemade Goat Milk Soaps and Cheese

Dry Skin Bar

The Dry Skin Bar is my most Popular!  It is great for anyone with Sensitive and/or Dry Skin.  
Ingredients: Natural Beef Tallow, Org. Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Org Coconut Oil, Raw Goats Milk, Glycerin, Borax and Lye
All my soaps have this as their base ingredients. 

Milky Sage Bar

Milky Sage Soap is also very Popular!  Because of the Sage it is Naturally Anti-Bacterial.  I use it in our Kitchen.  Men also like this bar a lot!  As it helps with odor control.  It is my husbands favorite.

Creamy Honey Oat Milk Soap

Honey and Oats Milk Soap Bar
This is excellent for people with extra dry skin, or with skin irritations!  I love this bar for its emollient and healing properties.  I use it a lot.  The Honey heals and adds moisture.  The Oats smooth and repair dry or damaged skin. 

Silky Lavendar Lace Milk Soap

Silky Lavender Lace Milk Soap
This is a very popular one!  It is still very mild.  I do not add purfumes so the smell is natural and not strong.
This is the Ladies Favorite!  
It is soothing and pretty.  
Relax and Enjoy

Almond Joy Facial Bar

Almond Joy Milk Soap Facial Bar
This Soap has Almond Meal and Almond Oil in it.  The Gentle Almond Meal helps delicately exfoliate you face, while the Almond Oil gives your skin the protein it needs to stay healthy and look fresh.
I personally use this bar on my face. I formulated the recipe personally to be very healthy and what your face needs and wants!  I have very sensitive skin yet want it clean and radiant.   

Mositurizing Shampoo Bar

Moisturizing Shampoo Bar
I made this bar so I could have healthy clean hair without the chemicals!
As all my Bars they last a long time so it is also a real money saver.
This bar has Extra Coconut Oil and Olive Oil in it, to keep your hair healthy and not dry.

Healing Tea Tree Milk Bar

Healing Tea Tree Milk Bar
This Soap is the Dry Skin Bar with High Quality Tea Tree Oil in it.  This is a great bar for all those who love the healing and astringent properties of Tea Tree Oil.  Can be used for anything.  Enjoy

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